17TH JULY AT 18.00

“…the excessive war budgets which predominate in all countries budgets, except for Costa Rica which doesn’t have an army by Constitution…”

Supremacía de la Jñana Yoga en la Era del Saber, pag. 79

“Nowadays it is in Center America where exists the only country which by law of its Constitution don’t have an army, even though in its boundaries and close  countries there was for long time the ghost of war: Costa Rica.

Precisely it was in 1948 that Costa Rica took this transcendental decision,      another sign of the New Age. Yes.

It is Costa Rica where the University for Peace is established, proposed by   the President Rodrigo Carazo in the United Nations, which made real this   meaningful project.

There it is studied the science of Irenology in research for Peace. Ireneo is   peace in Greek and forms the curricula of a fundamental subject in the   Education for Peace.

It is beautiful that from this country symbol of the peace in the world, in   which one of its President received the Nobel Prize for Peace, emanates this   subject for the future which has its base in the Greek past.”

 Supremacía de la Jñana Yoga en la Era del Saber, pag. 150

This talk will be online in Facebook, due to the second lockdown