House of Culture Dr David Juan Ferriz Olivares

in Melbourne

The House of Culture Dr David Juan Ferriz Olivares is present in 20 countries around the world:
Argentina, Australia, Brasil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Peru’, Puerto Rico, Salvador, Spain, Switzerland, USA, Venezuela

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Our areas of action

Our areas of action concern culture, yoga, health. We offer courses, conferences, workshops.

We offer Ferriz-Ferrière yoga and relaxation method classes.
In the Lyceum of Synthesis we organize monthly talks about yoga, cosmobiology, natural living, Art in the New Age science and esoterism.
In CEGEN (Center of General Studies) we organize monthly talks about science, art, philosophy and didactic, the four pillars of knowing according to Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière.
In CEGEN we also invite special guests such as Richard Norton, Mark Doneddu, Joey Camilleri, Walter Rapoport, Cecilia Rios and Rob Hyatt (and more to come!).
In CEGEN we organize videoforums as well.
Furthermore, we organize workshops.
For example, “the art of arranging flowers” with Julia Sing or “raw desserts” with Yoko Inoue, Shoku Iku cafe’ owner and author of the book “Raw” (check upcoming dates in our Workshops page).

House of Culture Dr David Juan Ferriz Olivares
in South Melbourne, Australia

Aztec ceramic statue, 1500 BC,
National Gallery of Victoria,
Yoga posture

Our objectives

The objectives that we aim to reach in House of Culture Dr David Juan Ferriz Olivares in Melbourne are to provide people of any age tools to improve their cultural level and understand better psychophysical health, through ancient and modern methods such as yoga, healthy nutrition.

What is the House of Culture?

House of Culture Dr David Juan Ferriz Olivares is a world cultural organism of public utility, it belongs to MAGNA FRATERNITAS UNIVERSALIS Foundation Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière, based on his thought and his exegete Dr. David Juan Ferriz Olivares. It has as purpose to contribute to the intellectual and integral improvement of mankind, in order to make real the ideal of a world united through knowledge, comprehension and a true brotherhood, beyond politics, race, religious, gender, socio-cultural and age differences.

It is based on the great principles of TOLERANCE, TRUTH AND PEACE.

Its work of individual formation is impartial regarding any political, intellectual, religious point of view, trying to offer a wider vision of the great principles and the Universal Thought.

Most recent activities at House of Culture Dr David Juan Ferriz Olivares in Melbourne